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Napier Roller Gun Slip

Napier Roller Gun Slip

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Napier Roller Gun Slip

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BRAND : Napier

The Napier Roller + Rifle Carrier can be rolled up into a package that can be literally hung from your belt loop. Designed to provide a handy alternative to a traditional gun slip the Roller + RIfle case will protect your gun from minor knocks and scratches. When rolled up the roller + rifle version weighs 274g and measures just 26 x 7cm, then when unrolled it will hold any rifle with a large scope up to 122cm long. The shallow curved profile also allows many guns to be stowed with the bipod attached and this makes it simple and quick to use.

Napier Roller + Rifle Carrier:

  • Simple and quick to use
  • Hold any rifle with a large scope up to 122cm long
  • Weighs just 274g and measures just 26 x 7cm

Brand : Napier
Condition : New

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